Belharra is a shoal, off Saint-Jean-de-Luz in the Basque country, where a giant wave of the same name forms once or twice a year, much awaited by surfers and more generally by ocean enthusiasts.

When my sister suggested this name to start this ceramic adventure, it was obvious.

On the one hand because family roots have deeply rooted me in two beautiful ocean regions, Brittany and the Basque country, synonymous for me with breathtaking landscapes, time spent with family - and good gastronomy of course - but also because the symbol of this immense wave, rare but constantly renewed, represents for me an idea of perpetual change, renewal, leap into the unknown, frightening but full of promise, even excitement. Belharra is the storm then the calm, it is not to follow a straight line but to test the side roads, it is to be in the present moment more than to think of the destination.

So here we are, I hope that Atelier Belharra will be able to provoke this quiver, this expectation and this renewal, and that this small artisanal production will find its place in this rather chaotic world.